Illuminate Your Beautiful Home at All Hours

Illuminate Your Beautiful Home at All Hours

Look into these outdoor lighting installations in Lexington, SC

Are you selling your home or planning to host a dinner party in the Lexington, SC area? You should make it easy for people to locate your house in the dark. Installing landscape lighting can enhance your home's visibility and resale value. Contact The Yard Spa, LLC today to start installing your landscape lighting.

If you're overwhelmed by your seemingly limitless outdoor lighting installation options, start small by looking into...

  • Driveway lighting - to prevent you from driving over your grass in the dark
  • Sidewalk lighting - to help you guide guests to your front door
  • Decorative lighting - to achieve a dramatic aesthetic

Contact us today to request a free outdoor lighting installation estimate.

We can repair your outdoor light fixtures

Got burned-out bulbs or frayed wiring in the Lexington, SC area? Call The Yard Spa. Our experts can repair your outdoor lighting system in a timely manner.

You can reach us by calling 803-466-6270 or 803-369-4862.