Watering Your Lawn Just Got Easier

Watering Your Lawn Just Got Easier

Enjoy the benefits of a sprinkler system installation in Oak Grove & Lexington, SC

Watering the lawn is an inefficient and exhausting chore that some homeowners in the Lexington, SC area haven't realized they can automate. The Yard Spa, LLC can free up your time by installing an irrigation system in your front or backyard. Our installation work comes with a three-year warranty.

On the fence about investing in an irrigation system? Using a sprinkler system will ensure that your lawn...

  • Gets watered evenly and regularly
  • Grows quickly and uniformly
  • Looks its best year-round

We'll take measurements to determine where to place your sprinkler heads. Contact us now to get a free sprinkler system installation estimate.

Have you heard about smart irrigation systems?

Innovations in smart home technology have allowed residents to control their irrigation systems from their phones. You'll love owning a smart sprinkler system if you...

  • Travel frequently
  • Don't have the time or energy to water your lawn
  • Want to boost your curb appeal without putting in the effort

If you'd like a smart sprinkler system installation at your newly built or existing home in the Oak Grove & Lexington, SC area, connect with us today.